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Police Notice re London Road A30 Sunningdale - dated 8th December 2011

The local Neighbourhood team are receiving more and more reports of dangerous driving in Sunningdale.

There are a large number of people who travel from the Camberley direction who are held up by the level crossing at Sunningdale and decide, as they are only going to Waitrose, to jump the queue of traffic. They drive on the wrong side of the road through NO ENTRY signs and over a pedestrian crossing on the wrong side.  They then turn left into Waitrose. 


This is a dangerous practice because:

  1. There could be a vehicle wishing to turn right out of Waitrose or the Railway Station car park. This could result in a head on collision.

  2. In order to cross the pedestrian crossing you would have to ignore a ‘KEEP LEFT’ sign and also drive through ‘NO ENTRY ‘ signs. This offence carries an £60.00 fixed penalty ticket with three penalty points being placed on your licence.  Worse still, you could be summonsed to court for Dangerous Driving. 

Please be warned ....... The local police are continuing to carry out enforcement at this location.