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In the last consultation held during the summer, burglary was back as the number one priority with theft from cars and theft from sheds appearing further down the list. However, crime statistics show that theft from cars and sheds is an issue locally so the NAG decided these should be included within the this priority and will be considering how these crimes can be reduced.

Be aware that the peak periods for burglars is in the summer months when residents are more likely to leave windows open and patio doors unlocked at night and in the Winter when the the clocks go forward and the nights become darker.

You can make life difficult for burglars by ensuring that your home is secure at all times.

Dwelling Burglaries

In 2008 there was a concern about the number of burglaries from insecure homes. The Ascot Neighbourhood Action Group decided that the best way to tackle the issue was to tell residents of the risks and to advise them how best to secure their homes. Leaflets were delivered by the Ascot Neighbourhood Action Group's members and our PCSOs, (Police Community Support Officers). As residents became more conscious of the need for securing their properties the number of burglaries fell and thankfully the burglar was caught.

We have continued to raise awareness by delivering flyers in the areas we know that are at most risk. We know that if residents make it difficult for burglars to operate they will go somewhere else.

Statistics for dwelling burglaries in
Ascot, Sunningdale and Sunninghill

Theft from Garden Sheds and Garages

So far in 2014 the area has suffered 62 thefts from sheds and business premises. Residents should be aware that there have been a spate of thefts from garden sheds, garages and other outbuildings. The property that was taken was garden tools such as leaf blowers, lawn mowers etc. but also bicycles.  

There was no pattern to these burglaries but quieter and more remote locations are at greater risk. PC Martyn Withers will tell you that access is generally gained from quiet paths and the burglars will also climb garden fences.

Local PSCO Melita Diprose has visited all the people who had suffered shed burglaries in the past year to advise them on security and make life difficult for burglars.

PCSO Melita Diprose offers the following good advice.

  • Secure valuable property inside your shed by chaining bicycles, lawnmowers and power tools to a strong anchor point.
  • If you are in the garden make sure to lock the doors and windows of your house including the side gate.
  • Lock away tools and ladders as these can be used to to break into your home.
  • If your shed has external hinges, replace the screws with security screws or coach bolts that cannot be unscrewed once in place.
  • Fit a strong ad bar or hasp and staple with a close shackeled padlock to secure your door properly.
  • Fit windows to your shed with a grille fixed to steel plates inside the shed or use chicken wire as a low cost alternative.
  • Install security lighting - this will increase visibility ay night and stop a burglar visiting your garden
  • Fit a shed alarm which can be purchased for as little as £10.00.
  • If you do not have a shed bring tool inside
Statistics for non dwelling burglaries in
Ascot, Sunningdale and Sunninghill

heft from Cars

Theft from cars is an issue that people should consider. In 2014 there were 58 thefts from vehicles (17 in October).  Whilst this compares favourably with previous year when there were 80 thefts motorists are still warned not to leave valuable items in their cars that might be tempting to an opportunist thief.

Statistics for thefts from Motor Vehicles in

Ascot, Sunningdale and Sunninghill