6. Achievements in the five years since inception.

 Priority Outcomes for 2012/13
Burglary  We publish statistics on this web site that show the annual moving average for burglaries in the Ascot area. This shows that burglaries have fallen from 89 in 2011/12 to 63 in 2012/13 which, after a peak of 120 in 2008/9, is what we have come to expect. We decided to make it difficult for burglars to operate in our area and achieve this through the presence of the Burglary Road Show at a number of local events. The Burglary Road show raises awareness of what residents can do to better secure their properties and deter burglars.
 Vehicle NuisanceOur Neighbourhood Police are active with a radar speed gun which act as a deterrent to speeding motorists, the use of the automatic number plate recognition camera (ANP) on the A30 has also helped. After much lobbying a chicane has been built on Sunninghill Road, a road where motorists have persistently broken speed limits. Speeds on the road have now dropped from 36 mph to 30 mph.
The use of mobile phones whilst driving remains a concern of many local residents and with compelling evidence that this is a contributor to accidents we would like to see a national campaign to stop this road safety hazard.
Anti-Social Behaviour Anti-social behaviour has continued to fall which is evidenced in the statistics provided in the priorities section of this web site. Reported incidents of anti-social behaviour have fallen from 328 in 2011/12 to 209 in 2012/13. Some of this impressive fall of 36% could well have been due to the poor summer in 2013 but there has been much more joint working with schools, police and the council’s community wardens which have also helped