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Keeping crime out of the Ascot area

Neighbourhood Watch is the largest voluntary organisation in the UK. More than a quarter of all homes across the country are members, and they work with each other and the police to reduce crime and increase community safety.

In the Ascot area – including Ascot, South Ascot, Cheapside, Sunningdale and Sunninghill – around 100 roads are covered by NW schemes. (See if your road is one of them by clicking on
the “Local NW Groups” link on the left).

The overall aim of a NW scheme is to get people to pay more systematic attention not only to the security of their own homes, cars and other property, but also to that of their neighbours. Maximum crime prevention measures are encouraged: fitting and using effective door and window locks, and keeping an eye out for suspicious activity in their road. Members are asked to be supportive of neighbours who may be elderly or infirm or vulnerable to criminal or anti-social activity.

Does Neighbourhood Watch work? Well, there’s no guarantee you’ll be burglar-proof, but there’s also little doubt that many criminals would rather not burgle a NW home because they know maximum crime prevention measures will probably have been taken.  That's why a lot of insurance companies offer discounted premiums to houses in NW schemes.  And a recent survey by the Association of Chief Police Officers came to the conclusion "NW schemes are effective in reducing crime".
                   Warning to thieves:       
  One of our street signs   

Ascot Neighbourhood Watch Association, which has for some years been the “umbrella” NW body in the area, covering also those parts of North Ascot in Bracknell Forest, will close on 15 April 2015 after the Association’s AGM.  Individual schemes are urged to continue in being, obtaining advice and assistance as required from the Thames Valley NW Association.  The Association’s quarterly newsletter will cease, and of course this year’s annual subscriptions will not be collected.  However, it is planned that quarterly meetings of Watch members will continue, chaired by Jeff Pick, the NW Administrator for the Royal Borough

NW scheme members will also continue to benefit from a Thames Valley Police email message system called Thames Valley Alert: Community Messaging which alerts residents to criminal activities or seeks information about crimes.  

Anyone can register to receive these messages, or you can ask your Neighbourhood Watch scheme coordinator to pass them on to you.  There is more on Thames Valley Alert: Community Messaging in  “ResidentsInfo" on this website.  

NW stall at Ascot Retirement Fair

Or you can contact your local NW beat coordinator:

North Ascot: Jefferson Wood -  01344 883325   
                       Mike Dunlop - 01344 883640                  

South Ascot: Clare Purdey, - 07831 876077

Sunningdale Old Village: Peter O’Kill, - 01344 627694

Sunningdale A30/Chobham Rd: Nigel Potter, - 01344 62090

Sunninghill: George Williams - 01344 621836

Cheapside: Alison Moody  -01344 628434

The final NW Ascot Association AGM was held on 15 April 2015 at King Edwards Hall North Ascot.   

              Ascot NW Association      

 Det Insp Gavin Tyrell, Head of the Thames Valley Police Economic Crime and Fraud Prevention Team,
advises Ascot NW members on how to avoid being a victim of fraud.

Remember the police
non emergency number: