Anti-Social Behaviour                                         
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Anti-social behaviour (ASB) is virtually any intimidating or threatening activity that scares you or damages your quality of life. Examples include:

  • rowdy, noisy behaviour
  • 'yobbish' behaviour
  • vandalism, graffiti and fly-posting
  • fly-tipping rubbish
  • street drinking
  • setting off fireworks late at night
  • inconsiderate parking

It has a negative effect on many people’s lives so it is no wonder that local residents would like to see it eradicated from our area. If you would like to report graffiti in the area, you can find the relevant contact details on the Community Safety Website.

The Home Office has changed the way in which the Police record anti-social behaviour (ASB). In the past this has been classified under seven headings as follows
    Rowdy/Nuisance neighbours
    Vehicle nuisance
    Substance misuse
    Street drinking
    Other ASB
From the middle of last year the these types of ASB were reported under just three headings Community, Personal and Environment. The following table shows the issues that fall into each  of these categories.

                                   ASB classifications within new definitions





Inappropriate Use/sale/possession
of Fireworks

Prostitution related activity

Rowdy/inconsiderate behaviour

Street drinking

Vehicle Nuisance

Inappropriate vehicle use

Malicious communications     

Nuisance neighbours                   


Abandoned vehicles

Animal problems                              


Drugs paraphernalia

These changes have made it more difficult to analyse  reported ASB but the NAG working with the Neighbourhood Police and Community Safety team are confident that they are aware of all of the local issues.  However, if there is a problem in your area it is important to report incidents that occur, using the 101 number, so that we can generate a clear picture of what is happening in our area and ensure that actions are taken to help resolve the problem.

The NAG making a difference

When residents complained about youths gathering at the junction of Sutherland Chase and Prince Andrew Way driving noisy motorbikes backwards and forwards we took action. We arranged for a new barrier to be installed that restricts access for motorbikes and solved the problem.

If you have an antisocial behaviour problem in your area why not let us know. We may be able to resolve your issue.

PC Martyn Withers with NAG member Colin Ellis at the barrier.

Statistics for Anti Social Behaviour in Ascot, Sunningdale and Sunninghill and the RBWM