Ascot, Sunninghill and Sunningdale Neighbourhood Action Group (NAG)


                 Superintendent Mick Greenwood                                           Cllr. David Hilton              
                Thames Valley Police                                 Chair Neighbourhood Action Group  
                               Local Policing Area Commander                                                     
                                   Windsor and Maidenhead  
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1. What is the Neighbourhood Action Group?

2. How is it made up?

3. What are its objectives?

4. What are its priorities?

5. How can you help us to help you?

6. Achievements since its inception in 2008

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Members of the Ascot NAG

Ascot, Sunninghill and Sunningdale NAG Performance

 Priority Outcomes for 2018/21


We publish statistics on this web site that show the annual moving average for burglaries in the Ascot area. After a peak of 120 in 2008/9, the first year of the NAG, burglaries have fallen to 55 in 2018, rising to 91 in 2019 and falling back to 35 in the early months of 2021. This is the lowest on record and is associated with the fact that more residents have been working from home during lockdown.

Vehicle NuisanceIn the early years of the NAG many roads were checked for traffic speed and notably in Charters Road and Sunninghill Road and Bagshot Road in Sunninghill chicanes have been introduced to reduce traffic speed.

Inconsiderate parking remains a priority for residents and the Borough Council's enforcement team regularly visit to area and where appropriate issue Fixed penalty Notices. Statistics for 2020 and the first half of 2021 are shown in the xxxx section.

Reporting it on the RBWM web site allows resident to report inconsiderate parking and this will prompt the enforcement team to check the identified location. The direct link is:-

Anti-Social Behaviour

Anti-social behaviour has continued to fall which is a consequence of youths having a greater interest in Smartphones than getting out and about. A few years ago, the Police ceased to count ASB events so we are unable to provide statistical evidence but there is much more joint working with schools, police, community wardens and Parish Council that has helped.